Social science is all the field of science that deals with human beings in their social context or all areas of science that people study as members of society. A s people who are engaged in social science, we must be sensitive to social phenomena in society, especially those associated with tourism in Bali.

Therefore, the conference named International Conference of Social Science (ICOSS) on the role of social science for sustainable tourism development in Bali is held which involves Social Science fields, such as; economics, law, socio-politics, and language

ICOSS is hoped to be able to be used as academic media to exchange ideas and as a rsult it willsucceed in deciding the recommendation related to the social phenomena on tourism.

Keynote Speakers

Invited Speakers

  • Mohd Nazrul azizi (counselor student development & campus lifestyle university of kuala lumpur malaysia)
  • Prof. Dr. Sulaiman Sajilan A.M.N (Dean of campus UNiKL)
  • Dr. Syelila MD. Zaini-C.A.(MIA) ( UNiKL)
  • Dr. Soares Agusto ( rector of Institute of bussiness timor leste)
  • Dr. Yoseph Lalo (Eastern Catholic Church of The Philippines and All Asia and LCI ENVI CORP, as Bord Member of These Institutions)
  • Prof. Dr. Veysel Bozkurt (Istanbul University, Turkey)
  • Linda Chang (Innovationa and Incubation Centre of Chung Yuan Christian University of Taiwan)
  • Adi Yen (Innovationa and Incubation Centre of Chung Yuan Christian University of Taiwan)

Important Dates

Call for Papers

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  2. Types of Paper : Research Article.
  3. Full paper should only be written in English and in (maximum) 5 pages. Length on A4 Paper, containing title, name of author(s), affiliation, e-mail correspondence. For Research article : Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, References.
  4. Abstract should be of 250 words maximum, containing title, name of author (s), Affiliation, e-mail address, body of abstract, and key words/phrases.
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  6. All papers will be peer-reviewed
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Abstract and Paper Submission

We invite you to submit the paper on the following topics:
  1. Local Wisdom on Disruptive Innovation
  2. The Role of Language in Tourism
  3. Public Policy: Challenge, Context and Prospect
  4. Legal Protection Against Investor

Abstract of minimum 150 to 250 words must be clearly typed in Times New Roman font of size 11pt with single line-space. Abstract includes of title of the paper, name, affiliation, content of author(s) and at least three keywords.


Fullpaper of maximum 5000 words (including references) in English with MS Word docx format, clearly typed in Times New Roman font of size 12 and mentioning Title of Paper (Times New Roman font of Size 14 in Upper and Lower case letters, bold and flush to left margin) on A4 paper in 1,5 line space. Use a single column with 2,5 cm on left, top, right and bottom margins.

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Contact Persons

  1. I Wayan Budiarta (+628124689895)
  2. Luh Putu Indian (+628179701737)
  3. Agung Rama (+6285737425406)
  4. Esa Gustafellaser(+6281999989208)